Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sex and the Snake Handler

sex and the snake handler miami beach

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recovered comments said...

N said...
*winces, crosses legs*
8:22 AM

Jonathan said...
Hmm, the snake looks familiar.
9:26 AM

mkh said...
Hmm, I just noticed the "xbf" tag. Does this mean that the snake handler is our Ms M? Or am I still just over-tired?

And incidentally, I have kin back in Kentucky who are snake handlers. Just not those kinds of snakes, and not for those kinds of reasons.
7:00 PM

Manola Blablablanik said...
Yes, MKH, that is Ms M.

XBF has made a a few appearances here on SATB under the names Mr. Huge (good) and Mr. Thinks He's Huge (even better).

Without going into too much detail (after all, he's not here to defend himself -- thank God!), the irony in this photograph abounds. Think LONG and HARD of the word "snake" both literally and figuratively, with the word "thinks" being a clue as to the literal, ehem -- sizeable matter.

WOW! Snake handlers and snake charmers ... something I could never do!

Jonathan: there are two ways to interpret why that snake looks familiar! :-)
7:58 PM

mkh said...
Please pardon my lack of familiarity -- I'm still new here. But the innueando, double entendres, and irony? Those I can get without knowing the backstory.
4:19 AM

Manola Blablablanik said...
Oh! No worries, It's a pleasure to have you and a pleasure to keep new readers up to date! And thank you, once again, for the flowers! :-)

PS ... regarding explication, unfortunately, my tendency to bla bla bla ad nauseum is inevitable. :-)
6:57 AM

pawlr said...
I wonder if the snake swings both ways. Mr. XBF sure looks like he does!
10:37 AM

Jonathan said...
Manola, I actually saw a snake like that in a local shop. It belonged to one of the owners. Can't say I thought of it in a sexual way, though. When I saw your pic my first thought was: No way would I wrap that thing around my neck. But perhaps if I were female or a snake enthusiast I would see things differently.
5:41 AM

Manola Blablablanik said...
Hi Jonathan! The reptile in the photo -- not my xbf! -- belongs to a dude who walks around taking polaroids of tourists posing with the snake for a mere $10 "donation."

But do note, no way in hell would Manola wrap that thing around her neck, unless it were a cashmer scarf. I am merely holding the "business end" of the snake.

XBF, though, at the time, was peloothered.

PAWLR: LOL! Not to the best of my knowledge! :-)
7:07 AM