Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Planet Manola: Club Douche, Balls and Dating

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Well my birthday week was quite intense. As you can see, I grew a whole new head of hair, courtesy of Beatnix, a new and vintage clothing and accessory store located at 1149 Washington Avenue. The shop is great for all your drag queen needs -- wigs, fake eyelashes, fishnets, platform heels and more at reasonable prices!


Flickr Photo Download: mariapkge.jpg
Uploaded with Skitch! Original photo by the fabulous Shveckle.

Well, even though this blog is a single woman's guide to chronic living, I wanted to point out some very cool things going on in the world where testosterone reigns supreme. Remember breast cancer awareness month? How about health problems involving the other two ballsy objects we love to fondle? Even though November is almost over, it's not too late to sponsor Darren Rowse of Problogger for Movember.


Speaking of playing with balls -- of the pool and ping-pong variety -- my new friend Scott from Ipanemic has shared some candid tales about dating in South Beach. Navigating the relationship waters in this town full of transient folk is not easy. Such courage I do admire!

Read his first, second and third dates, respectively.


Ann said...

Ahhhhh...perfect timing and great reading material. AnnOhio has a date this week..actually two. I'm not sure if reading about his dates has me pumped up or scared to death!


Heaven help me, can I possibly survive this without throwing up?

Scott said...

Be pumped! There are a LOT of stories I haven't told. I've had some great, great experiences that came about through online dating. And I've met some wonderful people on top of it all.

In my case, weirdness just seems to happen more often than is probably normal. But maybe not. Maybe it IS normal.

(Holding up a glass): Here's to not throwing up! Good luck Ann!

latinbombshell said...

Ann, let's hold up a glass of Skittles vodka! You'll be fine ... first-date jitters are normal and part of the thrill.

Sassy said...

LOL!!! y'all are hilarious!!!

Dayngr said...

Happy Thanksgiving. My wish for you is to have a beautiful day filled with family, friends and fun!

Dan said...

Happy belated birthday! Happy belated Thanksgiving! Geez, I'm late with so much today! :)

Ann Nonymous said...

I do love the Icanhazcheeseburger parody pic. Great touch and great hair!

Oh the books we could all write about dating in south florida. Is there anything more surreal?

Anonymous said...

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