Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chancleta: Cooking with Cojones

Professor Chancleta drops the Hialeah accent to help a friend from the northeast learn a few basic words in Spanish.

"I feel like little red riding hood ... I wish the big bad wolf would visit me at night. Eh, he's such a wuss!"

"Everything is so freakin' complicated with Cubans ... when you say to a Cuban 'I'm going to give you a cracker' you could also be saying 'I'm going to bitch-slap the shit out of you' ... it's all about context."

"When Cubans eat a banana, they are reminded of the bloody, money-greedy history of colonialism, when plantation owners brought slaves from the country of Guinea."

"If you are in fact referring to testicles, use the word COJONES."

"Spanish-Cuban people put chorizo in EVERYTHING. I don't care if it's a birthday cake!"

It's all about the paprika ... and that sliced chorizo? NOT a Lorena Bobbit moment, ok?

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The Dude Dean said...

Very informative and funny at the same time! ;-)

krissy said...

hey there girl....
Thanks for commenting on my blog!!
I'll be coming re-visiting your again! keep stopping by mine!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...never been to Cuba, but have spent time in the Dominican Republic, so lots of similarities in linguistic quirks...

Can you also verify that Cubans do not use the word "papaya" but rather refer to "fruta bomba" because papaya means something...well...naughty?

Manola Blablablanik said...

Hi anonymous,

Yes, indeed, papaya is slang for girlie parts!

The Hen said...

My husband may just offer this video up when he is asked: "So, what's it like having Cuban in-laws?'' So freaking confusing we are.

Rex Follett said...

LOL well isn't that conviniant of her!! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

That girl in the video gave me an erection.