Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Every Day is Halloween in South Beach

Pink Wig Photos
Who is that woman? Taken at the fabulously renovated Hotel Breakwater. The rooftop terrace lounge is great. You can't beat that view of the ocean and Lummus Park.

Remember when I took a random stroll in South Beach a few months ago and bumped into a guy with a lemur on his shoulder? (And no, this wasn't the same recent lemur experience at Jungle Island.)

Well, on Saturday I was part of the freak show. You see, I wear a pink wig every time I go to a fundraiser -- it's something I've been doing for about two years now -- so when we left the Miami Rat Pack party to go for late supper at the 11th Street Diner, I was practically accosted by people on the street with hollers of "Nicki Minaj" and even one "OMG Lady Gaga."

Seriously people? You see a honky big ass over-40 Cuban woman wearing a pink wig and you confuse her with a young slim African-American hip hop star? Well, that's ok. I had a couple of martinis in me too. It was all in good fun.

On the way back, a camera crew stopped me on the corner of 10th and Ocean Drive, where the street was buzzing with energy, music blasting from the Clevelander. Apparently some very young heart throb Portuguese singer -- he was about 12 years old in menopause years -- was working the sidewalk crowd for some video footage.

His name is Carroral, but I can't find a darn thing on him in Google. For some reason, he said "Shakira" when we asked him what his name was on tape -- not exactly a smart marketing move, buddy. Anyway, although I am far from playing cougar, he serenaded me right there on the spot. He did have a sweet voice.

Never a dull moment, I tell you. If you miss South Beach for Halloween, don't worry. The show is on 365, 24/7. You don't have to go to a club to be entertained. Check out Ocean Drive, Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road for the best people watching south of Manhattan.

Special thanks to my partner in crime @miamishines for capturing the video on my iPhone.

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