Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Never Just About the Fish

bull shark
Photo by Pterantula via Flickr.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around what happened yesterday. Sure, I hooked, fought and released a bull shark estimated at 200 pounds, but there was a revelation when subjecting my body to this, my body pressed into service of this endeavor, maintaining the mental focus and willpower to see it through.

This was woman-against-beast -- or perhaps more appropriately -- reeling the beast-within to a perfect moment of surrender where two forces of nature bow to their own strengths and weaknesses. Through that thin, braided line, I connected with the fish as it taught me something about a part of myself I don't normally tap into. It was an awkward dance, to be sure -- my biceps burned, my spine lit up, my thighs tightened -- all to reel up this formidable animal.

Somehow, I managed. I feel grateful for this battle and I thank the shark, because it had to fight my courage and my body, which is nothing frail or tiny.

For me, fishing is a metaphor of life, of not giving up and of eternal patience, of communicating with this sheer, literal force that pushes me out of my comfort zones.

Sure, I had a big fish at the end of my line yesterday. But what I really caught was my strength within.

This fishing adventure took place in the 10,000 Islands off of Chokoloskee, Florida.

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Blogger C.L.J. said...

Even a small fish is invigorating, a refreshing jolt. But a 200 pound shark? Well done! I think my biggest catch is less than a tenth of that!

10:29 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Babushka said...

"Sure, I had a big fish at the end of my line yesterday. But what I really caught was my strength within."

And THAT is why you're My Capitan. ño that's a good one!


12:49 PM  

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