Monday, February 11, 2013

You Always Go Back Home

I'm moving back to my old neighborhood so I can be closer to my parents.

I've been a gypsy all my life, moving about in Miami-Dade countless times. Oh yeah, and then there was that surreal yet amazing three-year stint in Venezuela when I was just barely a decade old.

But fast-forward to this century. If you recall, just a few years ago I moved from Miami Beach to South Miami and then had a respite in Silver Bluff until just recently, when my parents began to require more medical attention.

When people ask me why I'm unmarried without children these days, I have a patent reply:  I didn't have children; I had parents.

I skipped that "family" part of life -- went from childless single hood to caregiver in one fell swoop. But hey, isn't this "family" all the same? And aren't we supposed to grow "old" into a space of compassion and patience?

Such is caregiving: the cycle of life, come full circle.

Although I'm happy to report that I'm currently enjoying a relationship. Yes, a relationship that came just in time, completely unexpectedly, with a man whose heart is made of something even more precious than gold, something that broke the mold.

My life has been blessed by even more serendipity lately.  This apartment -- the one I really wanted -- wasn't supposed to be vacant, but the previous tenant got a job in Chicago and had to bolt.

It was meant to be.

The move is a win-win.  Check out my new view.  I miss South Miami -- quite possibly Miami's friendliest, safest and most walkable neighborhood. It's going to be absolutely glorious when that Royal Poinciana blooms.

Once I get settled, Sex and the Beach will resume posting.  I'll be writing from this room with a view, with sunshine and big blue skies, bay breezes gracing the air as the water is just about three miles away.

Virginia Woolf once wrote everyone woman needs a room of her own, but you don't want a such a reclusive space where the heart shrivels and dies, wallowing in misery. No, quite the contrary.  I'll have the best of both worlds now: a "room" for me but a life embraced by love -- love that gives and receives in its many manifestations.

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Blogger Bohemian Babushka said...

Wishing for you My Capitan, a new year,new home,new lease on life and may it be nothing short of MARVELOUS! You totally deserve it. BB2U

9:29 PM  
Blogger AnnieintheSun said...

Maria, we all have our times and seasons. Giving back to our parents is a huge honor. I don't know if you've heard about the writer Louise Hayes, but she wrote that in some cosmic way, we choose our parents. Recently I was at a friends house, packing up some books in anticipation of her move. Among the books were many Buddhist writings, and a pamphlet about honoring our parents. It was really beautiful, saying we can never really repay them, but we must strive to honor them. Here's the tract, I think, or something similar, online: THE SUTRA ABOUT THE DEEP KINDNESS OF PARENTS
AND THE DIFFICULTY OF REPAYING IT We needn't print, but if you or others are inspired, please share. It could do a world of good.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once saw an Argentinian movie where the character finally had found a job but in Spain. Debating if he could leave her widow mother behind, of not taking care of her, of not being able to "re-pay" her, she said that sons and daughters pay their parents by existing as children and giving them a reason to live. After they grow up, they don't need to pay anything. It has already been done.

6:05 PM  

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