Wednesday, November 04, 2015

New Tropic: The Land of Water and Honey

Yours truly drinking water from the Well of Ancient Mysteries in Brickell.

My wordsmith adventures continue over at The New Tropic, where I've penned two articles -- since you last read about the now famous Miami schlep -- that move away from the topic of transit and are dear to my nature girl heart.

In October, I wrote a story about Ishmael Bermudez, discoverer and keeper of an ancient well located in the heart of metropolitan Brickell. After interviewing Bermudez, who begged me to tell his "truth," the well seemed more like an oracle than an archeological curiosity: are we killing ourselves by not caring for the environment? Read more at The Well of Ancient Mysteries.

Bees are dying, too, but luckily there are still enough to pollinate about ⅓ of the plants that make up our diet or feed the animals we eat. And plus, there's always that delicious honey. Blame it on the almonds: an intense investigation ensued when I heard a beekeeper say that California depended on Miami's bees -- all stemming from my obvious question: "Why would California want anything from Miami?"

Many of your South Florida neighbors go gaga about bees. You should, too. I certainly did, which is why I sent my editor a Russian novel instead of a feature ... which she very wisely abridged. Read more at Who's Saving Miami's Bees?

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