Friday, February 05, 2010

Love Found Its Way

sex and the beach bannerDid you notice the subtle change on the banner?

There are things I'm getting used to these days, like when he hurriedly gets out of the driver's side to open the passenger door for me, or the roses he buys from the ambling sellers on Lincoln Road. Sometimes, I need getting used to the fact that he keeps his word or maybe it's something simple, like a text in the middle of the day to tell me he loves me. He looks into my eyes with such sincerity and yearning, I'm getting used to that as well. And the way he takes care of my heart, this is perhaps the newest thing of all, for I have never known a man to cherish it so deeply with such devotion and care.

Everything really does happen for a reason. A week after my bungled departure to Hawaii, I went to a tweetup in Fort Lauderdale that I didn't even want to go to because I felt lazy about driving. But a friend of mine here in Miami said she'd go if I did and we carpooled.

He moved to South Florida in October and had been following me for a couple of weeks on Twitter, not only because I'm local, but also because he had been scanning the hashtag #americanairlines. Because of the airline mess up, I made sure to unprotect my Twitter account, so everyone, including @aairwaves, could read my tweets. I didn't pay much mind to him on Twitter, as I usually don't add any tweeps until I've met them in person.

Ironically, after an hour or so at the bar, someone whom I used to date a year ago introduced him to me. At the time, I didn't realize it was love at first sight, but now in retrospect, I know it was ... and so did a friend of mine who insisted she had seen sparks as we all sat down to dinner.

So there you have it: after about five years of being single, I have met the most amazing man at the age of 42. It was worth the wait. And I met him because of Twitter and because American Airlines refused to let me on that flight to Hawaii.

And well, because the universe had a plan for me that I sometimes doubted. But my faith is restored.

I am so blessed and grateful for this new beginning.

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Sungal said...


I'm so happy for you! I think you make a cute couple. I know another person who found love at 42, but both were divorcees. I've been meaning to ask how you met him, but at all the meet-ups you two are in your own little world, and I didn't want to interrupt. :)