Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four and a Half Years of Making You Spit Your Coffee

Will Work for Sex

An admirer of my blog recently nominated Sex and the Beach for a Best of Blogs Award over at the Sun Sentinel under the Humor category. This blog is also up for grabs under Defies Categorization, but I don't know who nominated me there.

This got me thinking ... is this blog really that funny? Certainly, I've been told by one friend that she never takes a sip of coffee while reading Sex and the Beach for fear that the hot liquid might end up all over her keyboard and in her sinuses.

I can certainly think of a few posts that still give me a chuckle, like Holy Papi Chulo! Padre Alberto as Hurricane Season Boyfriend (2009) or the video of Dr. Annie Steelclit giving Bill Gates sex advice (2007). Then there's some South Beach classics, like South Beach Grouper Gropes on Lincoln Road (2006) and the South Beach Miniskirt Crisis (2006). And of course, there's always the rogue cartoons, like EAT MY FACEBOOK (2007) and the iPad for Single Women (2010).

If you've enjoyed this blog for the last four and half years, please vote for Sex and the Beach under the Humor category. There's a quick and easy registration process. You may vote once a day until March 1st.

There are also many other fine blogs competing for an award. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but I am going to encourage you to support those blogs that have been offering quality writing and significant entertaining and/or useful, informative content for more than just a few months. Compelling blogs. Moving blogs. The ones you've been turning to every day or week for at least a year, for pete's sake. The true veterans, the die-hards, the ones who bring their topics to life and whose writing you just can't live without. The authors who've engaged the community, the ones who've made you think, made you happy, pissed you off and made things happen. I'm simply amazed that so many incredible, long-standing local blogs aren't even on the ballot.

If you're not familiar with the creme de la creme of the local blogosphere, look no further than the finest curator of local blogs, Rick from South Florida Daily Blog. The Sun Sentinel should've paid serious attention to his blog roll.


Jenny said...

Congrats! You have my vote :) Awesome source for local blogs too. I've been able to find a good amount of blogs all over so far, but I've wanted to find more bloggers in the area.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Thanks, Jenny! Your blog is hilarious, by the way.

Amanda said...

Congrats on your nomination.
I follow your blog from time to time and like your insight on life, love, relationships, and sexual content.

Sun Sentinel said...

Congratulations, Maria. Well deserved.

btw, we pay very close attention to SFBD but the readers have to nominate the blogs. Rick himself agreed how hard it is to motivate people sometimes.

Thanks for joining us at the party, and keep up the great work.

ZFrancis said...

Voted. Done and done. I'm more of a tea person - it's been spit, don't worry.