Saturday, March 06, 2010

Planet Manola: Heartfelt Thanks and Shameless Plugs

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Thanks to all who voted for me for the Best of Blogs Awards sponsored by the Sun Sentinel. Sex and the Beach won Best Humor Blog and I'm very grateful. Here's to more years of funny stuff, no matter where life may take me. My readers, know that YOU are my inspiration and that I would not be where I am today without this blog and the blogging/social media community that I've come to know and love.


It wouldn't be me without giving credit to some other wise ass wordsmiths out there who are relatively new kids on the block. The guy who was in second place in the Humor category is a Twitter buddy of mine who's based in Broward. Though soft spoken and quiet in person, he's funny as hell online, but his blog isn't for the faint of heart. This guy doesn't mince his words. Check him out at Yeah, I Said It.

Another Broward blogger who has tickled my funny bone -- yet who was not nominated -- is Jenny from Working On A Ramp. She's rivaling Ellen DeGeneres on the blonde gringa dance moves and she has blog chutzpah, which I admire!


Two friends of mine have got a surplus of it and they're starting a new blog and talk show called Unaugmented Reality -- unaugmented as in "yes, they're real." In their own words:
Now you might be asking…what’s with “The UnAugmented Reality”…your point would be ladies? Our point is this…beautifully aged (you know like cheese or wine) women without augmentation, like new boobs, new lips, tucked tummies/buns, ZERO VaJayJay rejuv are here to tell it like it is. We’re gonna bring it...all the bitter, the sweet, the ugly…but mostly the funny.
Both gals hail from South Florida and are using pseudonyms; however, I expect the same candor online as I've enjoyed from them in real life. Join Paprika Fancy, Starr Buxxom and yours truly tomorrow night at 10 PM for the premier. We'll be discussing the subject of intimacy. This should be a riot -- or cause one.


Carlos Miller, who won Best Overall Blog, put together an excellent recap of the award ceremony over at Miami Beach 411, which won best News blog. (Warning: really hot photo of a married couple kissing in front of a fire!)

My thoughts on the awards process over at Miami New Times.

Photo credit: Carlos Miller


Alisha Haydn Vera said...

Can't wait to tune into The UnAugmented Reality show tomorrow night and hear your LIVE! Can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night at 10pm than discussing intimacy you, Starr Buxxom & Paprika Fancy. Bring on the funny! XO

Jenny said...

Ah! What a nice surprise, thanks so much for the mention and congrats again on the victory! I'm looking forward to this epic journey to White Castle, in a van, or a limo or something... we soo need a sponsor, haha.

Blanca Stella said...

Yeyy. I am so excited. congrats...whoo hoo..good excuse for a celebration tweetup! xoxo... and yes can't wait for unaugmented reality show too.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Congrats, I voted for you!

South Florida Lawyers said...

Congrats!! Well-deserved.