Thursday, April 01, 2010

Poem: To The Daughter I Never Had

Your name was Alba
You laughed
And the earth erupted, sparkled, shined
Gold flecks dripped down from angels
That I did not even know existed
And clouds parted
Brazen blue skies, defiance of you
You scoffed at the lightening, my child
Like it was nothing, like it was
Fierce storms and you quivered just in jest
Because your blue-eyed gaze knew better
"That's my girl," I said, speaking to a mirage
But know this:
Daughter I never had and never was
You are always trying so hard
To be this thing called a grown up woman
But this story is not just about us, my dear
For every heart that knows
A dawn, a morning song like you,
Alba, you are the light
Even in the darkest moment before the sun rises
And in this place, I know you
Though I will never see your face


Anonymous said...

Did you have an abortion?

BohoPoetGirl said...


Pepe said...

She may be just over the horizon...

chuco said...

I tell her my lifetime of regrets

But nothing...

My deepest darkest secrets

And no response...

She is my number one outlet

But she doesn’t understand

She is my new born daughter

And I’m her biggest fan.

I love poetry, but don't tell anyone.