Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eau de Scrotum

I'm sorry, I'm sort of a matter of fact person, and whenever you do an ad campaign with a perfume bottle on top of a skeletal model's vagina, I'm going to think wow, you want guys to start acting like horny dogs who sniff out hoochie!

Real classy, huh?

Ya know, I'm just kind of literal that way. But what if we turned the tables around? What if Tom Ford had to design a perfume campaign for women? Would gladiator-supersize-OMG peni be served so candidly and with such fervor? Hmm ... the cautious, compassionate critic in me says "I don't think so."

Here's the bottom line, folks. Pussy sells, dick does not.

And I would love to see scrotum served so cold, like a tuna platter, know what I mean?

And by the way, if I did have a for real boyfriend, I would NEVER buy him this cologne, unless of course, he had to figure out how to find it ... :-)

Please, please, please ... contemplate this the next time you give a guy a blow job, alright?

What more is there to say?

Do you or don't you want to your cologne to smell like hoochie? Sexual smells are wonderful, but not like this ...

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Girl from Kendall said...

Love the blog, link was a no-brainer. Thanks for visiting mine!

marky said...

you seem like the kind of gal who might like the video clip i put on my blog....i like some of this, especially that woman in blue. All I can say is who wtf where?

Salome's Mom said...

You are so right on this one girl.

Salome's Mom said...

Ok, I just saw the clip. Put down that perfume! I recognize the bottle, it is the higly coveted Victoria Secret scrotum line. I wear it every day.

Honestly Manola, you need to be on TV. You are a riot.

-=OCEANBORN=- said...