Monday, May 11, 2009

Ford Fiesta: Vehicular Withdrawal

Wondering if Professor Chancleta's ex-boyfriend Julio doesn't mind that another man is driving the car?

Well, ya'll know we got back safely to Miami. But since then ...

... Brad has had primary custody of the vehicle. I feel like I gave birth to the car and that my baby daddy took my child away! Just 48 hours after we arrived in Miami, Brad -- who lives in South Beach -- was in my neighborhood to buy some proper closed-toed shoes for driving a stick, since he usually wears flip flops. He called and asked if he should drive by, so I could see the baby. I quickly sped downstairs in my crutches and indeed, she still had that new car smell and I said "ahhh ... "

But the truth is, I'm probably more like the sperm donor. See, Brad went through labor for 12 freakin' hours on the highway, delivering the car to Miami.

Yes, I'm nuts, but you already knew that! And now, it's crazy plus one!

The car has already had its share of adventures. For one, Brad has had to deal with the bureaucratic maze that is getting a parking permit in the City of Miami Beach. And no South Beach experience would be complete without getting towed -- which happened within a week of the car's arrival. Nevertheless, our baby is safe and sound -- though I almost called social services!

brad fiestamovement

Last week, Brad drove the car to Illinois to visit his sister. He is supposed to bring me back some world-famous Chicago deep dish pie pizza. Considering that he made it to Chicago in 26 hours, you could say that it's faster than Fedex. I'm tapping my toes ...

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