Friday, May 07, 2010

Breaking News! New Column at The Bachelor Guy!

Following in the footsteps of my former sex and relationships column at Citylink Magazine, I'm starting a new one with The Bachelor Guy. Here's what the editor had to say:
My perspective runs decidedly toward the male view. Which I've never had a problem with. But, admittedly, can skew my answers to some of your questions about women.

So I figured, why not have an actual woman on hand to answer some of your questions about sex, love and relationships? You know, the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a chick, but were afraid to ask. . . .

She’s real. She’s honest. She loves a good martini. (Or three.) And she's a woman you can trust.

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So guys, come on over and ask away! A Real Woman Answers Your Questions About Real Sex

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MJunaid said...

Love the way you have presented the post with us.