Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tarde Em Itapoan

drawing by maria tarde em itapoan

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine from Brazil about the things that mean most to us and it reminded me of a drawing I created in 2004, inspired by the beautiful song by Vinicius, Tarde em Itapoan, which is about the simple pleasure of spending the day on the beach with someone you love. (Itapoan is a beach in Salvador de Bahia.)

This drawing came from a previous romantic relationship, before I had ever started a blog called Sex and the Beach, as he and I had talked about going there, making love on the sand and enjoying some peace -- a plan that never materialized; he was full of empty promises.

Nevertheless, I always held the dream of love on the beach close to my heart and sure enough it did materialize, eventually. There have been beautiful moments on the beaches of South Florida, many passionate kisses under the moonlight and love making wearing nothing but the intoxicating ocean air.

Ironically, as you can see the woman is alone, looking out into the horizon, with a bird flying that represents hope and a sunset that symbolizes a future. Men may come and go, but dreams don't die and love survives.

This drawing is just as important to me now as it was then. And reviving this memory today, I've come to think that "sex and the beach" is really not so much about the beach at all, but whatever means most: a particular beach, a mountain, a city, a bed ... it doesn't matter. It is a state of heart. We all deserve love in the places we love, but love is not a place, it is a state of being -- no matter where you are.

Below, enjoy a lovely acoustic version of Tarde Em Itapoan below with Vinicius and Gilberto Gil.


Rick said...

Love that tune!


Stacy said...

I agree that love can be found anywhere and at any moment in a person's life. What is important is that a person be open to letting the emotion inside of their soul. If the individual is not ready the wonderful feeling and other individual will never really enhance their life. Love brings a sense of calm and spiritual healing that cannot be felt only by one. Love is intended to be shared and the experience is a blessing to each soul.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Thanks, Stacy. I totally agree.

Rick - I love this style of music. Need to get my CD collection out of storage!