Friday, June 04, 2010

Silicone Bitch: Hot New Geek Ventures FTW!

News and notes about the South Florida social media and blogging scene, with a little tech thrown in for good measure. And maybe some other random events, too.

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If you thought Twitter was just about "what I had for breakfast" or "what the cat did this morning," think again. SxSe turned out to be an even bigger tweetup than I ever imagined it would be. Many folks connected and re-connected at this four-day event. Photos, videos and stories are trickling in: SxSe Follow-Up Posts. Next year, we're planning for Key West, so stay tuned.


My buddy Craig Agranoff -- former tech blogger at Broward New Times, multitalented geek and pizza king -- has joined other contributors posting for the Palm Beach Post's Tech Tonic column.


A dashing and daring trio -- Jose Boza, Toby Srebnik, Jarret Streiner -- have started a new venture called Pitch to the Rhino, "where sports and social media collide." The site features stories divided into several sport categories, as well as weekly recaps on what teams and athletes are up to in social media.


I love it when geeks do stuff that's practical and if it helps us with shopping, what's not to love? Zavee, based out of Boca Raton, launched in January 2010 in West Palm Beach and Broward.

Zavee is not an online shopping site but rather a social network where local businesses can connect with shoppers. All the shopping takes place in physical stores and involves cash back rewards. There's also a donations program for local charities. Zavee intends to expand to other counties in Florida and beyond.

Ron Stack, COO, wraps it up in a statement: "We started Zavee because we wanted to bring social shopping to local communities. The sharing of information and experiences helps shoppers make smarter purchase decisions, in part by introducing them to new opportunities. This makes social shopping a natural fit for communities whose local merchants can't reach large numbers of consumers directly but can connect with them via the network. Zavee makes social shopping even more community-focused with our cash back rewards program, which helps offset the price advantage of large chains and big box stores."

I really hope Zavee comes to South Miami soon. We have wonderful mom and pop merchants here.


Hurricane season has started and boy, summer is definitely here. We'd love to talk to summer in hopes she'd give us a break, as it's too hot and humid to even think! Nevertheless, geeks and social media lovers are still going at it with presentations and discussions.
As always, you can learn more about additional meetups at Orange Events Calendar.

Photo credit: Giorgio Montersino's Flickr.

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