Thursday, July 15, 2010

Local: Playdate is for Playahs

Tired of asking for the sheets to be changed at the corner swinger's club on Dixie Highway? Tired of squeezing your fat ass into pleather every time you go to a fetish party at some warehouse west of the Turnpike? Or worse, tired of waiting in lines at a South Beach club only to be wallet-raped every time you order a drink?

Maybe it's time for a little wholesome Mayberry style adult entertainment for you. Maybe it's time to get back to basics and that's exactly what Playdate is: a time for grown-ups to get together and play games. No, not mind games, mind you, but real games, like the ones you played when you were a kid: chess, checkers, UNO, Monopoly, Jenga and more.

playdate miami chessPlayahs making moves on some big-ass pieces.

I had the chance to attend Miami's first Playdate last month with some friends and spent a joyful, entertaining evening. It's the most fun you can have in a room full of adults without any of the oversexed hype of any club -- think romper room at your 30-year kindergarten reunion. A DJ, MC, cheap drinks and a reasonably priced buffet complimented the event. Everyone let down their inhibitions to do terribly risqué things like participate in hula hoop and twister contests. The group was varied with twenty, thirty and forty somethings in the crowd. Refreshingly absent were the typical club jackasses ready to mount on the first rump that wafts by.

playdate miami hula hoopsWeeeeeeee! Try doing this in your typical South Beach clubbing outfit.

Couples and singles go -- gaggles of girls and batallions of boys. One couple I met was there on their second date and the girl didn't seem to mind watching over him play chess. If you're a single woman, I suggest you go with friends, but if you go alone and are a social butterfly, you'll probably make new friends while you're there.

Playdate nights take place all over the country. Miami style returns this Friday night, July 16, 2010 at the Newport Resort, 16701 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles, 10PM to 2AM. Cost is $10 (food and drink extra, but reasonable). 21+ only, please. Click on Playdate for more information.

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LG said...

This sounds really cool! Didn't know Miami could come up with something that didn't involve Jersey Shore douchebag wannabes and yeyo! Great job as always, sensei.