Monday, August 30, 2010

Affordable Beefcake Served Up in South Florida

south florida firefighters calendarCover boy Eddy on the left (City of Miami Fire Department) and month of July Rafael (Monroe County Fire Rescue).

They're back! The South Florida Firefighters Calendar 2010 team launched this year's calendar last week much to the joy of women all over South Florida. Sex and the Beach attended one of the launch events at The Clevelander Hotel in South Beach, where there was not one dry panty in sight.

We interviewed cover boy Eddy from the City of Miami Fire Department but our audio got kinda screwed, probably from the sound of rushing hormones. But trust us when we tell you he's a good guy, married with kids and one hundred percent dedicated to the cause, which isn't just eye candy for the ladies, but to support Here's Help and A Safe Haven For Newborns, as well as other local charities. Now that's $17 well spent to honor the hot hunks who save lives and put out fires everyday. Just think of all the silly stuff you spend $17 on and here's the gift that keeps on giving ... well, at least for 12 months! I mean come on, even short-lived Miami Spice doesn't serve this kind of beefcake.

Don't fret ladies, you can still get your calendar signed at many upcoming events in South Florida. It's great to meet the guys in person. If you have a man, leave him at home -- he'll be utterly bored -- as were many yawning males at The Clevelander. This is strictly a girl's thing. Gather your girlfriends and go.

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