Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silicone Bitch: Social Media Hits Category Busy This Summer

News and notes about the South Florida social media and blogging scene, with a little tech thrown in for good measure. And maybe some other random events, too.

Meteorologists try to predict how active each hurricane season will be with scientific knowledge and instruments, but no such gauge exists for social media. The point: no one who was involved in the local social media scene last year could have predicted how busy summer 2010 would be! So here we go ... lots of tidbits to share since our last post and that's just scratching the surface.


coworking south florida fort lauderdaleA new co-working space is opening up in Fort Lauderdale, according to Willie Morris. Coworking is an international movement based on the idea that you don't have to rent an entire office but you can share it with other small business entrepreneurs and freelancers. It also helps folks who work independently get over the inevitable sense of cabin fever that comes with working from home. Even independent contractors want a rock pile to go to sometimes.

Miami's original space is Brikolodge and now Fort Lauderdale will get into the coworking groove on 1109 Las Olas. There's an open house until September 1st. Look for the sign that says TSDG. Read more at Willie Morris.


truly nolen mouse car paradeThe Mouse Car Parade hosted by Truly Nolen was a smashing success though no bugs were squashed in the process. After a trip down A1A around Fort Lauderdale Beach, a visit to the Discovery Museum and lunch at Pizza Fusion, parade participants ended up at Butterfly World where yours truly learned from Barry the Bug Guy that South Florida's infamous Palmetto Bugs aren't exactly real!


One of my fave blog darlings, Jewel, is singing to a sweeter note with a Chevy-sponsored cupcake crawl on August 28. Stop by her blog and let her know why you deserved to load on sugar while driving a Chevylicious car!


Carlos Miller posted an article about social media pizza king Craig Agranoff and his wildly popular tweetups over at Miami Beach 411.


My blogging workshop at Preemo on August 7th went really well. It was a small group, which was great, because we had a chance to focus on each blogger's individual needs -- something that I had done ahead of time by speaking to each participant over the phone before the workshop. The participants were outstanding: a professional blogger wanting to break out on her own creative topics; a successful real estate agent and former journalist; a former broadcast journalist and current communications professional; a PR professional; and a clinical social worker on leave.

One thing I learned as a teacher (a good teacher is always a student) is how closely our blogs are related to our lives. I know that seems obvious, but take a moment to think about it ... it matters so much when you are about to embark on a publishing project of this nature.

Below is a slide show from the workshop. Many topics came up that aren't mentioned in the slide show. Although guided by each slide, the workshop flowed smoothly in a very organic manner with lecture and discussion.

The next workshop, by popular request, will be about all the bells and whistles of blogging, such as using Digg, posting pictures from Flickr, etc; This workshop will take place sometime at the end of September. Stay tuned.


Patrick Barbanes and I will be presenting a FREE panel on "Social Media and Blogging For Your Entrepreneurship," hosted by the South Florida Freelance Network, August 24 at 6:30 PM in Plantation. More information at


social chatsA media player for my Tuesday broadcasts is now ready. Show director and co-host Tonya Scholz and I have been broadcasting for nearly two months now and having a blast talking about social media as well as local personalities, events and restaurants, plus more, including favorite topic "the South Florida cougar." We've been all over the tri-county area so far from Sugarcane Raw Bar in Midtown Miami to Reef Road Rum Bar in West Palm Beach and several Boca hot spots in between. You can scroll through all the shows in the archive here.


And don't forget, you can always learn about more events at the OE Calendar.

Photo Credits
Coworking Space: Willie Morris
Mouse Car Parade: Blanca Stella on Flickr

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