Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Like Gravy on the Chicken: Comedy Improv on the Streets of Hialeah

"People judge you for being beautiful. Unlike a lot of people, I don't care about my looks. It's all about being genuine." -- Lizette, part-time cargo flight attendant who is registered at FIU.

One of the best experiences I've had lately is filming improvisation comedian @freddystebbins in Hialeah as part of the Yo Soy Hialeah project. The out takes -- these particular two scenes -- were precious B Roll that will end up on the cutting room floor for the "clean" version; however, they can definitely have a life of their own here.

Thanks to @oscarpiloto for taking camera duty after two hours because I was literally peeing in my pants holding the mic -- ok maybe not literally -- but you tell me after you see the video above. And thanks to the staff at discount stores ño que barato! and ño que caché for putting up with us.

That Camera Is Holding a Hot Guy
Oscar Piloto held the camera on the second round. The steady stick helps.

Hello? Clean Your Headlamps!
Get your headlamps cleaned, bro.

When Lizette lights up, you just can't help but laugh.

Here are ten things I love about Lizette:

1. She works part-time for Air Miami Cargo, which ferries chickens and Blockbuster Video items on "non stops" [sic] flights to Tallahassee which is less than a couple of hours away by aircraft -- and she gets FREE flights to that ultimate tourism destination, Tampa. While in Tallahassee, she stays overnight at the Quince de Fiesta hotel, which is really close to the outlet mall.

2. She is the daughter of a bearded woman who worked in a circus in Santiago De Cuba in order for her children to get scholarships at FIU.

3. She freely admits to her hormonal problem and she appreciates the candor of her friends.

4. She uses CHANE not CHANEL facial foundation, which she purchased in Hialeah. It does the trick.

5. She breaks down and cries like a regular, normal human being when she talks about her challenging relationship with her ex-husband, Lazaro, with whom she had a child.

6. She's not afraid to call the camera guy a faggot. Or the street pole, for that matter. (For the record, the camera guy is not a faggot.)

7. She's a PROFESSIONAL WOMAN but she's not technically going to FIU.

8. She believes the best sex organ is the brain, but it's ok to be good looking on the outside, too. That's an extra bonus. Ladies, how's that for your self-esteem corny quote of the day?

9. She's the only woman in Miami-Dade who gets a pubic waxing job on lay-away. "$120 for the whole procedures [sic]. I have stubble, but at least I don't have HAIR, you know what I mean? Whatever."

10. She lives in Kendall.

Sigh … I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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