Friday, February 24, 2012

Miami Captured: Metrorail

Metrorail on Miami Heat Game Day

I've taken it upon myself to use a lot more Miami-Dade and South Florida public transportation lately. And with that extra time on my hands, of course Instagram and its friendly street photography capability keeps me entertained. Expect a few photos here from the gritty, dirty side of town from time to time.

Taking Metrorail on a Heat game day is a riot, especially on the way back. Mind you, it's not that I go to the American Airlines Arena, but all my fellow train passengers do. I don't know what's more fun -- the idea of a basketball game itself or the crazy drunk people, some even puking on the platform like the high school girl who couldn't handle the freshman frat party. Oh and that one time I rode on the train with parrotheads after a Jimmy Buffet concert at the triple A? That was pure entertainment. All for a mere $2. Somebody should open a bar at the Government Center track.

I must say, the train these days is usually always packed. If anyone says Miamians don't use public transport, they're full of it.

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