Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miami Captured: Fresh Fish Five Dollars a Pound

Fish Vendor on Miller Road

Move over South Beach Food and Wine Festival ... here's a real Miami culinary story. Yesterday, my actor and I were driving north on the Palmetto to film in Hialeah. Our crew member called to report his car had broken down, so in order to fetch him, we took a detour down Miller Road.

And then we saw this.

Only in Miami, folks: five dollars a pound on the corner of a gas station for this beautiful red snapper. I believe the plump street vendor himself was not for sale, although he'd probably command a good price if he were by the pound, too.

My favorite snapper recipe is simple. Lightly coat a fillet with egg and dip in flour, cook in frying pan with butter until done. Remove fish. Add mango slices followed by cream, a few dashes of cayenne pepper and finish off with fresh chopped cilantro. Pour over fish. Buen provecho!

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Laz said...

Now I'm definetly going to eat pargo frito TONIGHT!!!

A foodie wannabe; here are some experiments that have worked for me:

Use panko instead of or in addition to flour.

A dash of paprika added to mango cream sauce before pouring over el pargito (little snapper).

Or Sesame oil instead of butter.

I lived in Iowa for a year in college, no fresh seafood; I came running back to the east coast.

Now off to get me some snapper!