Friday, June 22, 2007

Chorizo or Wienerschnitzel?

So, does size really matter? Manola's hero, the fabulous and gorgeous sex educator Alessandra Rampolla once gave this advice (translated here):

Gordito or flaquito? "It's better for it to be wider than longer."

What size? "I have a friend who said that the perfect man would have three penises: a small one for anal sex, a medium one for vaginal sex and a big one for oral sex."

Ladies, what do you think?

If you speak Spanish, enjoy this hilarious yet erudite interview by Jaime Bayle on all things dick!

Glumbert clip via email from a wonderful new neighbor!

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Verticus S. Erectus said...

I laughed so hard I Seinfelded "it" out. Great stuff, Manola.

Dayngr said...

I love me some Jaime... (OMG Chew with your mouth closed woman!)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

In case you're interested, I can control the size of my erection.

Xavier said...

My three penises used to embarrass me. Not anymore. Thanks Manola!

Sinfonian said...

I appreciate no longer feeling that I need medical advice regarding my freakishly large member.

Thanks for putting me at ease, Manola!

Also: TAG! You're it. :)