Sunday, March 09, 2008

Erotic Verse: Kiss

I kissed a man last night
And one sleepy kiss
Was enough to tell me what
My mouth wants, is made for

I kissed a man last night
And his lips I did drink
A river where I paddled
Against the currents of former love
And some new, awkward affection

I kissed a man last night,
Somehow hugged him in my mouth,
This mouth that flows through
Heart breaks, lips I have tasted,
Bodies I have known, swept away
Tumultuously, abandoned
Ever to surface for air
In rivers of passion

I kissed a man last night,
And I laugh now,
Knowing as Rick and Ilsa did
A kiss is just a kiss

I kissed a man last night,
And I laugh now,
Knowing as I do, better
That such a kiss
Will not be the last

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Anonymous said...

Manola, honey, you mentioned it was a 'sleepy kiss', 'drink', and 'awkward', a.k.a. drunk passed out. Perhaps you are thinking this kiss was more than it actually was.
Don't get me wrong. I just don't like to see girls getting hurt by our silly imagination of butterfly love, blindness of the sometimes obvious.

Yoli said...

How beautiful Manola and how tenderly profound.


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