Monday, March 24, 2008

Relationships, Part 1

Well, lots of change going on ... "we" may be moving off the beach, but no matter ... this blog has always been about sex and relationships. Relationships with self, with others, with sex, even relationships with ... especially relationships with place ... stay tuned.

And besides, who wouldn't want Manola reporting from other locales?

"Everything is about relationships. The most important relationship you can have is with you."

"I think most of us in social media realize this -- it's not the media, it's the relationships that are formed that are most important."

"Relationships shouldn't be a mirror. It should be a fucking reality check. How can you make me a better person?"

"This I think is the key to any social media circumstances ... want to ... not because you have to."

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Stephanie Quilao said...

Did the video disappear? Or perhaps I am delusional and

SCG said...

I wish that your video could be broadcast to everyone's computer World wide and on television. And shown in high schools. The pure universal truth you spoke seems to be a secret that few are aware of. I'm deeply moved by your message.

Prayers for the situation you discussed.