Sunday, March 02, 2008

Steelclit: Aging Vagina

old vagina

Dear Dr. Annie Steelclit,

Not long ago, I turned 40 and while I feel younger than ever, without nary a grey hair on my head, I recently reconnoitered my pubic forest and discovered an errant grey pube ... on my pudenda! What's up with that? Could it be possible that my vagina is aging faster than I am? Do I have on old vagina? I mean, I've heard of lazy ovary but shit, now my vagina is getting all geriatric on me! Is my vagina trying to tell me something? zOMG I feel like I should be wearing musty empire dresses! Should I have wanton irresponsible sex with Dr. Troy McNamara to cure me of all my Freudian hysterics and then beg for a free vaginal rejuvenation? Oh, please Dr. Steelclit, I am in a cunniconundrum! Please, please advise!" -- Shame Austen

Dear Shame,

I think you should not fret so much about the exterior appearance of your vagina but rather focus on what sort of pleasure this little gift from God has to offer ... there is no shame in having a natural-looking genitalia ... and trust me, I know this, coming from a place where people are so full of shit, they bleach their asses.

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West Side Tomahawk said...

IS there an email address or better way to contact you. I would like to send you an invitation, via email, to an event.

Yoli said...

I am loving the lessons.

Wormbrain said...

"cunniconundrum" should be submitted to the Urban Dictionary.

Dave said...

To paraphrase General MacArthur: "old vaginas never die, they just fade away"

Anonymous said...

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