Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cartoon in the Flesh

hugh macleod cartoon
Earlier this week, I wanted Hugh Macleod to draw a cartoon on my crutches, but he didn't have the right kind of pen for the rubbery handle. Instead, he drew one on my arm!

Since I last mentioned Hugh on this blog, he relocated from London to Alpine, Texas. Most recently, he has been spending more time in Miami for work. His craft has evolved from "cartoons on the back of business cards" to full-size canvases. They're really quite beautiful when you see them in person, printed on gorgeous paper. You can see them online at Gaping Void Gallery.

My arm drawing will wash off, of course -- including that copyright symbol on my skin! I still have another spur-of-the-moment cartoon he drew for me a couple of years ago on the back of an actual business card.

Of course, one of my favorite all time Hugh prints is this one, which I find quite funny:

hugh macleod gaping void south beach print

In his words: "Believe it or not, there are normal people who live in South Beach, and this print is for them."

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Yoli said...

Maria that is just perfect!!! LMAO! Wonderful artist and friend. I am sorry you are in crutches. I thought this blog for some reason had dissapeared. I am glad it is still around.