Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ford Fiesta: Meet the Agents

Bad ass ford fiesta miami teamPhoto courtesy of Miami Art Exchange. Thanks, Onajide!

Maria D and Brad S at FiestaMovement

AGENT MARIA (in her own words)

Maria is a jane of all trades except for the world's oldest one. She doesn't exactly have the carpentry skills to build you a bookshelf either, but books and words have surrounded her since she read the novel Shane in junior high school.

Today, Maria is a freelance wordsmith and social media enthusiast who loves to gab about her hometown Miami. She has been called "someone worth reading" and "someone whose cleavage is pleasant on the eyes." A blogger for three years and counting, she enjoys seeing the brighter side of life and sharing a good laugh, especially through the motley crew of characters she has created on Sex and the Beach.

Maria hopes to enjoy many leisurely South Florida trips in the Ford Fiesta with her teammate Brad and to share all the road-worthy fun with her followers. And of course, she will carry her Horatio Cane amulet to protect her along the way.

Learn more about Maria's work at Wily Wordsmith.

AGENT BRAD (in his own words)

The world's most interesting man crowned him Most Interesting Man in the Universe.

Manatees come up to him to swim. By the age of 26 he was the groom in 3 weddings and legally married twice, but is still a hopeless romantic. He has built haunted houses, worked for Six Flags in Europe and then worked on staff to elect Barack Obama as President. There are pictures of him from before he was born. He has technically died twice. It has been documented people sleeping near him sometimes have the same dream.

Brad A Schenck is not, as some believe, a clandestine agent. Although this filmmaker, social activist and creator of good-natured mayhem has lived in several cities and countries for a spell, he now resides on South Beach. When not editing films or working on projects, he pretends to surf, but also rollerblades and dances till dawn. With his pal Maria, he'll drive around and show people the inner secrets of Miami.


Twitter: fordfiestamiami
Pikchur: fiestamiami
Qik (Maria): vicequeenmaria
Qik (Brad): bradaschenck

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