Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Samba Jalapeño's Hatchday!

samba jalapeño

Hey y'all, I hatched just two years ago but boy oh boy has a lot happened since! You may remember me as the world-famous model, Parrot Hilton. My mommy totally exploited my young chick good looks. OMG it was so Pretty Baby. But you know what? I've cashed in my residual royalty checks and am now living the life o' birdy.

Squawk! Ok, I am totally kidding. But seriously, I was named after the fact that my mommy loves Brazilian music and I look like a semi-ripe pepper, green on the outside, red under the wings (wink, wink). And in between the red and green -- aside from my spicy personality, of course, I'm such a bla bla bla bird, let me tell ya -- I boast shades of blue that will make the heron across the street ashamed! I'm a bird's bird!

My mommy, Manola Blablablanik is so nuts, cool and groovy, I just want to eat her furniture. Do you know what it's like to live with a nutty loopy semi-reclusive writer 24/7? OMG I have to talk and shit ... get a load of this, not only do I know how to bob my head up and down to bossa nova, I also talk like a crazy Cuban. (It's ok, my mommy is Cuban-American, so we can make fun of ourselves and still be politically correct.)

Here is a list of my jabber, so far:

hi samba
come here
step up
bye bye
see you later
I love you
all right
I'm going to go out
I'm going to take a shower
bad bird
look at the bird
thank you
samba jalapeño
I'm the real macaw
peek a boo, I see you
look what you've done

Now, I would like to direct your attention to the come-hither gorgeousness of my gaze. The apple doesn't fall from the tree, as I could've only learned such hexing from my mommy. In any case, I am incredibly green, feathery and downright irresistible. Will you send me a pack of Brazil nuts just because? Also, send my mommy a free ticket to Brazil, because she has been nuts about Brazilian dance and music a long time and now it's shoring up on her blog. Behold, a crappy video of one of her favorites: knock-out guitarist Baden Powell's version of Samba Do Aviao.

And in the meantime, please pardon me, I don't mean to be rude, but I've got a few peanuts to chew ... yummy!

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Tere said...

Oh lover of Brazilian music: I met THE girl from Ipanema, and will happily tell you about my afternoon with her next time we get together!

HobGoblin said...

Happy birdday, Samba!

Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate said...

Samba Jalapeño is the greatest name ever!

B said...

Beautiful bird, Manola.

Dayngr said...

WOW! Mommy Manola is a knockout!