Friday, December 28, 2007

Silence Is Golden

Dear Readers, this 'live blogging' thing has suddenly come to my attention. Would you be interested in a regular Manola show? Twat would it be about? And what time of the day? Please leave comments below, but make sure they are not below the belt. I would be happy to entertain this possibility ... Already one of my loyal fans suggested a Dr. Annie Steelclit bulletin board, but I think we can take it next level, especially with other blogger guests. Remember, it's a little me, a little Miami Beach ... and maybe, a little you.

What say?

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wormbrain said...

I usually find the video blog more entertaining than the written blog. Unless, the blogger is absolutely hideous of course. But you don't have to worry about that. Let us have it!

Dave said...

ditto on wormbrain's comment...and make it X-rated!

Anonymous said...

Personally? I think there should be a mix. I can't express in front of a camera what I wanna write, but of course, inflection is the hardest thing to do in writing. I kinda dig audio blogging really. But then again, I don't look as good as you do on camera. ;)

DavedS said...

ditto on all the comments....go for it!!

Maria said...

Did you see the great new late night Latino Style show on Telemundo. Hosted by a Cuban! Love this show...Mas Vale Tarde con Alex Cambert... great guests--Jessica Alba this week Thursday Jan 29. Every Thurs at 11:30 PM/10:30C.
Last week Carlos Ponce, Santana before that. Later this month Jennifer Pena and Obie Bermudez,
Barbara Mori, Gloria Trevi.