Monday, August 07, 2006

Project Bumway

From skid row to fashion show, the road to success is just a stitch away!

project bumway

#1. After many frustrating and unsuccessful attempts to become an "artiste" in various disciplines, pilfer your life away and move to America's favorite homeless destination: South Beach.

#2. Sleep in the alley behind the artist's colony.

#3. Wake up in the middle of the night to a screaming jealous boyfriend who throws his lover's art supplies out the window. Grab supplies and run.

#4. While you beg for charity, spend your spare time doodling garments and spying on publishing mogul who owns local high profile lifestyle/fashion magazine and who can't possibly afford another scandal after one of his night club scene reporters forced Kate Moss to eat an olive.

#5. With meager donations you've amassed, buy disposable camera and take snapshots of publishing mogul fooling around with his gay lover.

#6. Wash up at the public beach shower and get a free makeover at the department store cosmetics counter.

#7. Wait patiently at Starbuck's for publishing mogul come by for his afternoon coffee.

#8. As soon as he appears, discreetly show him photographs and threaten to tell his wife that his pee-pee is roaming about on the other side.

#9. Unless of course, he uses the influence of his wife -- who just happens to be a socialite who invests in the plastic surgery and haute couture industries -- to hook you up with your very own fashion line.

#10. Yes, it's that easy. After only just ten easy steps, move back to New York and go from rags to riches!

project bumway

[originally published before Manola deleted her blog]


Boli-Nica said...

he he...que mala

that seems like a pretty solid plan.

Gus said...

Wow! Very thought provoking.

Have you considered scanning your art on the back of a business card?

There may be an undiscovered (local) niche.

I do like your art. Will you design a business card for me?

With this big blogger party on the way, I need to look my best :)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I think you need to delete your blog again.