Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blow Me [updated]

manola sex and the beach coconuts

[12:30 PM]

Ah the life of a single woman on Miami Beach! If there's one thing I can count on, it's some jerk named Ernesto swooping into town today ready to knock the coconuts off my palm tree!

I live on the one block that loses power first and gets it back last. So if you don't hear from me in a few days, it's because I'm busy trying to make an internet router out of coconut shells and twine.

Oh, that reminds me! My flashlights are working just fine, but in the absence of a hurricane boyfriend, I still need some batteries!

[2:15 PM]

While standing in line waiting to purchase some last minute supplies, I was stuck right next to the feminine hygiene products, which led me to the following profound conclusion:

A hurricane is like menstruation. When it comes, it's really annoying. The rest of the time, you go into denial and forget it happens.

get your feet wet

Our friend Rick from Stuck on the Palmetto has purchased a generator so he will be riding out the storm in comfort. Stop by for Ernesto-related news coverage!

Alesh from Critical Miami makes a mean hummus, worth trying under any weather conditions!


Mighty Dyckerson said...

I've got some duct tape and plastic on my night stand if you need it, darling...

Capt Bonez said...

Hang in there girl, it's going to be a windy, wet night in South FL.

yvette said...

OMG, MB. I happened to be taking a sip of hard cider as your page was loading, and the title of this entry, "Blow Me [updated]," made me laugh so suddenly that I spurted fizzy apple cider through my nose! You're such a hoot.

I hope you'll mention the date/time of the next Miami bloggers' gathering in a public post, so I can attend and buy you a drink!

Ann Nonymous (formerly Anonymous) said...

Great comaprison. Only you forgot to mention the embedded insanity that comes with both your period and being cooped up in a dark house for days.

And this one is especially irritating. Cabin Fever for nothing, not even a flooded backstreet! I like to think I stayed inside and rotted because it was dangerous to do otherwise. Ernesto was a wimp.

andrew said...

i dont' live in Miami, but I used to. now, i regret that i never accomplished these two things while i lived there:

1) get a girlfriend
2) experience a 'cane with a girlfriend.

so i feel your pain, ms. M.


Manola Blablablanik said...

Thank you everyone! Ernesto definitely needed some viagra but as always with these storms, it's "thanks, but no thanks!" The wind still packed a punch and the storm bands are still trickling in. I have more respect for my coconut palm tree now. The fronds and nuts swayed wildly last night but remained intact! Imagine that -- nuts swaying in the wind!

Mighty - that is so sweet! Don't forget the batteries for Mr. Crabby, too. :-)

Yvette - drinking and blogging are dangerous, girl! I tried emailing you via your blog but the link was broken and I have to be invited to sign up in order to leave a comment. Please send me an email (see profile).

Capt Bonez - hope you stayed dry in the Keys!

Ann - OMG, having a period through a hurricane would've been truly awful!

Andrew - I hope you moved on to greener pastures! :-) I'm enjoying the music, btw

Stephanie Quilao said...

You know, MacGuyver could always fix things with a piece of gum and the corresponding wrapper. Maybe a box of Juicy Fruit will help you get internet connection...:->