Thursday, February 16, 2006

Golden Phallus

Kate Moss brought a golden dildo. That's SO gaudy, SO Vegas and SO tasteless Trump. The sex-savvy know that brushed stainless steel is the elegant dildo du jour.

Nevertheless, could she possibly have been inspired by this golden phallus?

Golden Phallus on Miami Beach

Gawk all you want, it will only fit in the mouth of a sperm whale. And call Manola crazy, but no orifice on Kate Moss or similarly anorexic models could possibly accommodate such an organ.

But what if it were a Trojan Horse piƱata? Let's break it open and scramble for condoms!

see it for yourself at World Erotic Art Museum

photo courtesy of Metroblogging Miami

gossip courtesy of I Don't Like You That Way


recovered comments said...

steve said...
Thanks for the good work, Manola, and for the link. And thanks for posting the photo of the plaster cast of my shlong, too. (I asked them to wait a moment so I could muster up a stiffy, but they were in a hurry).
1:05 PM

manola blablablanik said...
Steve! You mean they didn't hire a fluffer for you? How rude!
1:18 PM

n said...
I'm scared. Hold me.

Kate Moss's new... er... tool must be but the size of a toothpick, me thinks. Otherwise, she'd snap or something.
2:22 PM

anonymous said...
"Gawk all you want, it will only fit in the mouth of a sperm whale."

I literally laughed out loud there. That was perfect.
12:33 PM

Brisbane hotels said...

This is really big huh. Imagine an organ monument. One of a kind.