Saturday, February 04, 2006

South Beach Randomary, Part I

1. What is coitus interruptus? A pregnant pause.

2. What do wealthy snowbirds and the homeless have in common? They come here for the weather.

3. What do you call a monogamous relationship between two sluts? HOmmitment.

4. Going to a gay bar? Don't forget to bring your party enema.

5. What do you say after a night of bar hopping? It was fun, until I forgot what happened.

6. What do you blow off when you feel good about yourself? Selfesteam.

7. What does a straight woman post on her personal ad? Single, looking for twosome.

8. What do you call the date who stood you up? Dog gone.

9. Where do you find people who stand up their dates? The dog park.

10. What do you call a free blow job? Gratis ball lick.

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