Friday, March 27, 2009

Ford Fiesta Come to Miami!

UPDATE: I was selected to be one of Ford's agents! Expect some fun blog posts as I explore Miami in a hot magenta model.

Professor Chancleta bids for a chance to participate in the Ford Fiesta Movement! If I win, I'll get to drive a brand new Ford Fiesta for six months with insurance, gas and concierge included. As an agent, I'll be sent on monthly missions that I will share with you on video, a blog, twitter, facebook etc; Er ... sounds like what I already do every day in my '98 jalopy!

It could be a great Miami adventure. Of course, I won't do all of it in "character," I can speak English correctly, shoo no my freng?

I you had to send me on a Miami mission, where would it be?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Manola is Back!

Oh little blog, my little blog, how I missed you! Thank you, thank you ... oh people at Blogger, Google and a certain special friend ... thank you for getting me back online. I'm so happy! I'm so ridiculously happy! Geez, I'm so happy, I'd do cartwheels, except that I just had a big plate spicy Thai chicken with coconut milk!

Being back online is one of the best, most satisfying moments I've had in a long time. And I mean that, really.

I promise the future will bring more Manola nuttiness right here in this cozy little corner of teh innernets.


This is no faked orgasm, I swear!

BLOGGER and TEH GOOGLE - you rock! I had faith you wouldn't let me down and I'm going to be faithful to you, baby!