Saturday, February 21, 2015

Miami Pirate Drops Anchor for a Bit

Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion Key West 2014
Me and a fellow pirate re-enactor clowning around at last year's festival. I finally had a couple of days of respite.

After sailing for many years, it's time to drop anchor and rest in a peaceful harbor for a bit.

I'm taking a break from writing here until I solve some issues related to caregiving for my father, his failing health and his estate. Caregiving for my dearly departed mother and now my very ill father has been a daunting, extremely difficult yet rewarding experience filled with unconditional love.

Get ready though because later this year I'll be celebrating 10 years of this blog's humble beginnings. A big party somewhere in the Miami area is most likely. Save the date for October.

But I'm still active elsewhere ... see links below. Catch me if you can.

This blog isn't over. I just have some very important things to take care of regarding my precious mother and father.

There's a whole lot of somethin' something' else going on: my career is shifting into some political activism regarding eldercare; I'm also getting involved a bit more in the foodie world (follow hashtag #vicequeenkitchen across the networks);  I'm working on a hilarious yet deeply spiritual illustrated book about religion and social media; and finally I have a few interesting work projects down the pipeline.

But don't fret. I'm still the goofball with a quirky sense of humor you all know and love.


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Thanks for so many years of reading my every word. Stay tuned for a new chapter of this blog when I'm ready. We shall unfurl our sails soon enough over here at Sex and the Beach. I may take the dinghy to shore and pop in every now and then. I just can't post as frequently as I'd like to right now.

May you all be blessed by grace and joy. I know I am ... despite the challenges.