Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just Sex and Fried Chicken! JOIN NOW!

The laws of sexual congress dictate that you know within a minute if you'll sleep with someone you just met or not ... especially if you're drunk ... and then, so help me God, you usually do.

But in the world where the laws of sexual courtesy overrule the decisions of Judge Libido -- a world riddled with executive-level professionals more concerned with impressing rather than undressing -- there has to be a way of solving those age-old problems: a) "what if I don't like you after I sleep with you?" and b) "what if I want to sleep with you but have to run to a meeting?"

Unlike JUST LUNCH, a dating service for the rich and overly-occupied, JUST SEX AND FRIED CHICKEN offers a great alternative. We help clients save time AND money. For pete's sake, if you're too busy to meet, greet and arrange to have a meal together, you'll never get laid. Fortunately, however, everyone's gotta have lunch, right? And after burning all those calories, what could be better than the convenience of a bucket of KFC and a glass of chilled Dom Perignon -- all within an hour!


Anonymous said...

Shveckle said...
How do you do it? How are u such a party animal and yet still a human at the same time and things.
9:23 PM

Manola Blablablanik said...
schveckle havemeyer, it is such an honor to have you post on my blog!
8:33 AM

Shveckle said...
anytime, it is a blast reading it.
5:38 PM

BohoPoetGirl said...

I like sex and fried chicken. Where do I sign up?