Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heart Connection

miami blogger meeting

Yesterday, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet many South Florida bloggers in flesh and blood; I emphasize flesh and blood, because until now, they had been words and images on a two-dimensional screen. The screen isn't just the monitor on my desk, but the blog that expresses a distinct and clear personality.

Such is the power of the medium that an entire universe -- drawn together and circumscribed by the signature of its author -- can come alive for us in the most liberating form of an electronic publishing medium known as a blog.

Like the water coursing under the surface of a tranquil stream, the process of acquaintance has only begun: a blog is only ripples on the surface of the living heart that beats beneath.

Even the most honest of bloggers do hide behind the veil (yours truly) ... but the medium can't possibly capture who we are; it can only reflect that passion that moves our hearts.

But we try. It's the best we can do. Sometimes we don't even understand when our own hearts skip a beat and yet the words flow. Sometimes, the words flow and we hit a wall.

It's the nature of the beast -- the beast we can't live without -- the desire to share who we are. There's a bit of love in that, I assure you. Writing is and always will be an act of love, even if you disguise it with other momentum.

I came to the conclusion that each and everyone of us who met yesterday -- so beautifully genuine and creative -- had one thing in common: passion. A passion for one or many subjects that finds expression online and hopefully in many other aspects of our lives.

You own this passion!

So ... do me a favor: just as the caged bird sings, own this passion and let your heart sing, if only for selfish reasons. I want to read you for days to come.

previously elated

Oh ... the wonder of it all ... not long ago I had dinner with sunshine!


GoingWiddershins said...

Speaking of passion, I happen to adore your blog - I check it regularly!

I was wondering if you would mind terribly if I linked your blog to mine? You are welcome to check it out, and of course, deny me. I hope you don't.

Mine is pellucid-prolix.blogspot.com

Keep on writing!

Trouble said...

Awww. :) I so enjoyed having dinner with you, hun. It was wonderful. I could have talked to you all night.

Jonathan said...

M, thanks. It was nice to meet you too.

NYMary said...

I have always loved meeting blogers in what the kids call "meatspace." I replied to your mail, BTW.

Tere said...

Aaawww, beautiful! Loved meeting you!