Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bringing Hairy Back

justin timberlake bringing sexy back

Happy New Year's y'all! Hope to see y'all real soon!

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mkhall said...

Hey, when did you take that picture? I don't remember that!

Happy new year!

Rick said...

Happy, Happy New Year, M.!

Educator said...


Sinfonian said...

A hairy back was not on my list of must-see things this New Year ... but HNY to you, M.!

Talk soon, I hope?

erica said...

mmmm. Where can I get me one of those?

Happy New Year Manola!

James Burnett said...

I'm w/Sinfonian, I wasn't hoping to see a hairy back, but you draw 'em better than anyone.

Happy New Year, MB. Get back soon.

Jonathan said...

M, you have an uncanny ability to dig up candid portraits of me.

What do you think I should use -- hedge clippers or the razor on a stick thing?

Dayngr said...

Happy New Year!