Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Me Thinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

sex and the beach kfc protest

"Cockle-dooodle-do!" quoth the rooster. "Awaken ye Hens!" -- Edgar Allen Schmoe

Attila the Hun may be long dead, but surely these ladies would've also bared their all to protest his slaughterhouse tactics against humans! Heck, even Ivan the Terrible would've been impressed at their courage, but not before disemboweling several of these fair maidens.

We at Manola 180 do not promote the barbaric treatment of poultry, however, we must question the use of female sex objects as an effective means of engaging public awareness, especially in South Beach, where tits and ass are always in plain view. If these chicks had ruffled their feathers in Buffalo, New York right smack in the dead of winter, no one would deny they had balls!

We contacted Susan B. Anthony with our ouija board for commentary; the legendary feminist was a bit befuddled. "Oh my lord. I thought they were protesting culturally-sanctioned crimes against womankind, such as the cliterectomies still performed today in some African nations," said Anthony. "I'm thrilled these ladies are protesting without threat of bodily harm, but we managed to support universal suffrage without even showing a stitch of our bloomers!"

Whether or not you agree with the protester's choice of wardrobe (or lack thereof), it's clear the girls were not attuned to the linguistic idiosyncracies of Miami's Hispanic culture, where the gesture loses its serious message in translation:

If you want to be taken seriously, everyone knows you should never use bollo to protest pollo!

Get full coverage over at SotP. If you are easily offended, please do not visit www.justsexandfriedchicken.com.

Photograph courtesy of the very lensgasmic Miami Fever.

PS ... I'm back!

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Hilarious coverage of the protest!

None E. Moose said...

Well done, Miss Manola. Hadn't heard the b-word in a long while...

GoingWiddershins said...

Yay! You're back! Hope things are better now.

NicFitKid said...

Can PETA arrange one of these protests in my apartment? I'm sure I must have some improperly slaughtered chicken wings somewhere in my fridge/biological research module.

Protest me, I must be punished!

mkhall said...

They were just troublemakers rival hired by KFC rival Bollo Tropical.

Sinfonian said...

Welcome back!

(Were you away? ;) )

Looking forward to more commentary ...

Wide Lawns said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back. This was a wonderful choice for your return to posting.

I have to agree with you. I hate seeing women exploited as much as I hate seeing chickens harmed.

I also take issue with girls who justify dangerous eating disorders by saying their refusal to eat is about animal rights, when clearly its about a whole lot more than that (not that I don't love animals and hate animal cruelty). It's all sad - the disorders, the girls being exploited and the chickens being tortured. I could rant on and on but I must, and I'm not kidding, go to my feminist lit class right now where we will discuss female subjugation. I might bring this story up to my classmates.

erica said...

Yay Manola! Glad you're back.

I'm vegan and think Peta is a good cause, but I don't agree with how they do most of their protesting. Ghandi would roll over in his grave.

Yvette said...

Yay!!! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hello. First off, thank you for making our demonstration a topic for your blog, any press is good press.

I must tell you, that these ladies are anything but exploited. Each of these brave beauties volunteered to use their bodies to bring attention, and boy did it.

Coverage from NBC 6, WSVN 7, WFOR 4, Univison, and Telemundo all covered this event.

The truth is KFC is the leader of the chicken industry. The way it slaughters its more than 850 million chickens each year is barbaric and cruel. Industry leaders such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendys have all adopted the same animal welfare standards that KFCs' OWN animal welfare advisors recommend KFC adopt. Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Dick Gregory, Rev. Al Sharpton, and even former KFC spokesman and Seinfield star Jason Alexander are backing this boycott and are encouraging the public to do so as well.

These woman were going to be naked behind a banner that covered both their front & back and says on the front "The naked truth: KFC Tortures chickens" and on the back "Turn your back on KFC's cruelty". The reason weren't able to use that is because of Martin Luther King Day, UPS was late on deliveries. We simply made the best with the one banner we did have.

This campaign is anything but laughs. KFC needs to step up as the leader in the chicken industry and set a more humane standard.

for more information visit


erica said...

Hey! I just found the blog of the girl furthest on the right, Suvine.


Maria de los Angeles said...

Michael, thank you for stopping by and for sharing your views and clarifying the situation. As I mentioned in the post, I don't condone cruelty to animals; however, Manola, who is more of a fictional voice than a real person, parodies all things South Beach. The issue here is that using nudity to protest is really a moot point in this particular corner of the world; Manola would've said the same thing even if you'd been protesting any other cause. I (as the author, not Manola) do personally wish you continued success in raising awareness with your campaign -- it's important for the world to consume food with a conscience, even if you're not vegetarian.

Erica, yes. I'm already aware of Suvine's blog, but thanks for pointing it out!