Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Planet Manola: Pinga Versus Papaya

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Manola's Glamorous Workday

In case you think Manola's glamorous celebrity workday involves being devoured by Colin Farrell, buying shoes, going for a pedicure and fielding non-stop phone calls from admirers, think again. Just look at my desktop.

I don't believe in multi-tasking and neither does Some Cranky Guy. What's the point of doing a million things at lightning speed? Why can't the world just do ONE THING RIGHT? No wonder everyone has ADD now. Yeah, that's right. I'm Addicted to Ding Dongs. Aren't you?

Oh, but I really love my widgets. Mac widget developers, please consider creating one called dildo, another serving the function of nap and pretty please, one that gives insta-shoulder rubs. Well, at least I have English to Pirate Translator on my dashboard.

manola's widgets Random Celebrity Smooching on Miami Beach

As per usual, some famous dudes were sort of having sex on the beach this weekend. The formerly estranged husband-and-wife team of Travis Barker (drummer from Blink 182) and Shanna Moakler (Playboy playmate) have reconciled for the moment and were showing us how it's done right. No multi-tasking here, baby!

Travis is sporting some serious tattoos but that kiss is quite cute, don't you think?

mavrix travis barker shanna moakler kissing miami beachYipee! Sex is fun! Woo hoo!

mavrix travis barker shanna moakler kissing miami beachPhotography courtesy of Mavrix Chatter. Copyright Mavrix Photo, Inc.

Technorati: Please Don't Pinga or Papaya Your Subscribers

technorati ping pingaWhy is pinging called pinging? Every time I go into technorati and ping myself I am reminded of a most unpleasant word in the Spanish language. Seriously, why not call it papaya?

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NicFitKid said...

Interesting point about ping. Do Latin American tech geeks use the word as well, or do they have another term for it? Guess it depends on whether the "unpleasant word" is part of the slang in their particular region.

As far as English goes, I'm pretty sure the term was borrowed from modern naval terminology. An active Sonar sends out a ping of sound in order to echo-locate objects (ships, submarines, whatever). In network terms, a ping sends out some packets and waits for the reply from other computers on the network, for diagnostic purposes (latency, packet loss, and other stuff I don't really understand).

I'm probably doing a crap job of explaining this, ask MKH, he should be the local blogosphere's resident expert on networks and the etymology of their jargon, considering his profession.

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mkhall said...

NFK, you are pretty much on the money. Sonar sends a sound and you calculate the distance to an object by seeing how long the sound takes to echo back to you; the original network pings sent a signal to a node and you waited to see how long it took for it to reach the target and return. The term is basically misused by sites like Technorati to indicate that they received a notice from a blog that they've updated their content. Most likely the term was used because the site isn't sending an update, it's just raising its hand and waiting for the teacher to call on it.

But just so you know, leaving a technical comment on SatB that makes me look like an even bigger geek than I am. I feel dirty.

Tere said...

Shanna, in recent pictures, is completely unrecognizable to me. I had never seen her before her MTV show, so I only know her as pregnant and bloated.

Which, I know, it would suck if that's all anyone saw when they looked at me, but there you have it.

Also, your desktop looks mysterious and frightening to me.

Maria de los Angeles said...

MKH & NFK ... thank you for the clarification. It's pingilating! And NFK, good question! If any other geeks stop by please advise.

What TV series was it where you'd hear the sonar go "beep" or "ping" ... ? Do you remember?

Tere, yes, she has lost a lot of her baby weight!

mkhall said...

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, for one.

Well, that probably cements it. I'll never get laid again for the rest of my life now.

GoingWiddershins said...

mkh - at least you can ping to see where the closest intelligent, witty, caring and empathetic hottie is!

Ha Manola! You put your dock on the left side like I do! Great minds do think alike, even across thousands of miles. (I also disabled my dashboard with OnyX because I keep wanting to play with it, and now you've shown me the english to pirate translator and I must resist!)

Dayngr said...

Whenever I use technorati's ping form or ping-o-matics I think ... hmmm pingalicious!