Thursday, September 13, 2007

How 'Bout Dem Apples?

This cartoon is dedicated to Fanless, the b00bz crusader par excellence!

So like the other day, my hard-ass friends were giving me shit because I didn't know about Guy Kawasaki. Hello? Unless you're Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Angelina Jolie or my parents, please have your receptionist call mine and maybe we can do lunch.

Listen to Manola's unexpected Southern Baptist evangelist cousin chime in for a religous rant with a totally fake accent! This ignorant, back-assward blogger confesses she doesn't give a shit about blogosphere celebrity. Don't get her wrong ... it's not about the bloggers, it's about the hype!

We apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the audio. We also apologize for the customary irreverence and disrespect. The truth is, we do appreciate the hard work, talent and worldly influence of so many folk who have forged ahead in our era of electronic communication ... but seriously, shall we grieve if we not know wherefore Guy Kawasaki?

Kawasaki let the good times roll ...

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Balou said...

Don't worry; I didn't know who he was either until two days ago. And now that I know who he is, I still don't care. LOL!

Verticus Erectus said...

Thanks for brightening my day. So multi-talented. By the way, your Apple flashing hootchie would make a great commercial for the brand as in a response to anything the button-down corporate BS of Microsoft might come up with to defend its value, i.e., "Oh, yeah, well feast your eyes on these apples, baby!"

Verticus Erectus said...

This one came to me 4 hrs later while driving south on the Palmetto: I've heard of flash memory, this must be flash mammary. Verticvs knows he needs help but he blames it on Manola, the blogosphere's erotic muse.

Yoli said...

I agree with balou.