Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sarah Gonzalez from Hialeah Vaginarick for Vice-President!

Well, what could be more appropriate for the third anniversary of this blog?

Sarah Gonzalez from Hialeah for Vice PresidentBefore you give me any shit, it's a PARODY!
Ugh. I really don't like to get into politics, but honestly, this one I couldn't resist!

"I am a rrrrreal American, ok? Don't tell me you never heard of Hialeah, because you never heard of Wasilla, my freng. My freng! I know you are my freng, OK? Not THAT ONE? OK?"

"Please 2 B follow my train of thought ... I am Cuban-American womenz. Everybody knows Cuban-Americanz have best vagina in the world. Best vagina in the world comes from Cuba! Cuba is only 90 miles from America! Therefore, I should be Vice-President!"

"I am not a MAVERICK! I am a VAGINARICK!"

I'm sure the Hispanics are going to get a good laugh about the womenz and the Juan Seis Paquetes ... and hopefully the gringos will recognize the joke that "balls" means "paquete" (meaning "junk" or "stuff") so that a man aint worth his mettle if he aint got his six-pack plus the two balls that make a man, comprende compadre?

And hopefully we'll recognize that you can't be a freakin' Hockey Mom in Miami because the only ice we have is the kind you snort (well, that's not true, we do have some ice rinks) ...

Anyway, this blog started three years ago with the humble post Wax and Pap ... on the eve of the election, it's good to know that there are several constants in life: death, taxes and vaginal hair removal. On this you can trust. Maybe not the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, but yeah, there's always going to be people wanting to look like plucked chickens.

Enjoy, live the life you have, be happy. Naysayers are always going to tell us we're going to hell. The smart among us will tell them, hell is overrated and not worth bailing out. Touché.

Is it time to ask ... are the meek inheriting?

Well, regardless ... be well ... looking forward to a year of more shenanigans, MY FRIENDS!

And in the meantime -- for some really good writin' dont cha know gosh darn it as my mom told me you gotta love it -- make sure to check out my freng Bilingual in the Boonies, a lady who can craft some incredible prose.

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Yoli said...

Hay mujer, you should be doing stand up comedy. Me muero de risa Maria.

BohoPoetGirl said...

OMFG what a fun way to start a friday! I LOVE YOU MANOLA!

insanemommy said...

That was hysterical!!! I'd vote for you... :)

Limon Partido said...

Casi me meo!!!...

Anonymous said...


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