Monday, May 16, 2011

Silicone Bitch: Miami Trends Global While Women Shake Up the City

News and notes about the South Florida social media and blogging scene, with a little tech thrown in for good measure. And maybe some other random events, too.

#top10lies A simple conversation among Twitter friends in Miami turned into a worldwide Twitter party at flash mob speed.


Yesterday, the Magic City's twitterati made history when a conversation about lies you're bound to hear in Miami ended up trending worldwide in a span of about 4 hours under the hashtag #top10lies. It started innocently enough between @miamitude and @shellynorthern, spurred on by yours truly (@vicequeenmaria), @jamimiami, @soulofmiami, @alistairpowell, @officialblopez, @sarahelles, and many others -- too many to name here.

Before the Heat vs. Bulls game was even in the first quarter, #top10lies overflowed the stream like a twitter tsunami. Apparently, the subject of lying really hit a chord among citizens of the planet! According to @alistairpowell, over 2% of all tweets on May 15 were tagged #top10lies.

At the time of this posting, the hashtag was still going strong though no longer trending.

Here were some classics. Remember, it started out specifically as top 10 lies you'll hear in Miami; the hashtag didn't go global until later.

"I'll only be 20 minutes late."

"I'm a social media expert."

"Fidel Castro is dead."

"Romero Britto is so talented."

"It's my house, but my parents live with me."

"That new stadium will generate massive economic benefit for the community."


South Florida is home to two important events this week focusing on women, inspiration and new media.

The third annual Empowered Women's Success Summit begins on Thursday, May 19 for two full days of keynote speakers and panels delivering practical advice. It's a no-nonsense conference seeking to inspire women to "elevate" themselves professionally and personally. As Michelle Villalobos, describes it:
This is not your typical "women's" conference... no rah-rah useless mumbo jumbo. This is about getting practical tools and strategies for building your brand, raising your profile and generating profitable opportunities for the long haul! Oh, and we also have an onsite 'beauty lounge' with free express treatments - I mean, we are women after all.
Yours truly will be speaking on a panel with other South Florida movers and shakers @janiec, @tarynp, @astojanovic and @brendaleguisamo. @lisadsparks will lead beforehand, discussing how social media comes naturally to women.

Tickets to the conference at the Miami Museum of Science are still available for $25 a day or a $75 VIP pass for both days . The Expo portion of the conference is free. Keep up with Empowered Woman on Twitter by following the #ewssmiami hashtag.

It's too bad this conference overlaps with Empowered Woman on Friday as both promise to be very worthwhile. The SheCon New Media Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center begins Thursday evening and ends on Sunday, May 22. SheCon is organized by SheBlogs, a service that connects women bloggers to PR and marketing professionals, so many of the speakers and panels here will be focused on blogging for women. It is the first blogging conference in Miami put together by a South Florida based organization.

Keynote speaker Guy Kawasaki will open two days worth of sessions on Friday morning, which will feature locals Craig Agranoff, Rebecca Carter, Alex de Carvalho, Murray Izenwasser, Jeannette Kaplun, Mark Laymon, Blanca Stella Mejia, Stephanie Camargo Ruiz, Ryan Texeira and yours truly.

SheCon was designed to be a free conference, giving away 200 tickets that were quickly scooped up, so now there's only a waiting list. Audit passes are still available for $249. Register here. Get updates on SheCon by following the #shecon hashtag on Twitter.


Grant Stern said...

I believe my comments about the benefits of that Stadium have been highly distorted. I said MASSIVE benefits, hehehehehe!/grantstern/status/69836395392401408

Mike said...

Missing this ride is a bummer. Kids. The original time suck. But worth it.


Holly said...

What did I tell ya? You own Twitter.

Your talk at SheCon was great and truly the best one I attended. Well, maybe Guy Kawasaki's talk ties with yours.

Wish I had known about EWS, but I found out about it too late. Maybe next time....