Sunday, May 06, 2012

Two Dudes Looking for True Love in South Beach

south beach hot guys

Yesterday, I was on my way to a blogger party at the Versace Mansion and these two charming comemierdas were hanging out on the sidewalk by Ocean Drive. When I walked by, one of them asked me: "I'm a little bit lost. Where can I find true love?"

Now, as a former forum editor for Miami's premiere travel website, I've fielded many questions, and I suppose I wear the sign of "Miami ambassador" on my forehead because even on the street, dogs ask me where to find the nearest fire hydrant.

A friend on Twitter told me in jest that these two guys were actually comedians he'd seen at Hollywood's Laugh Factory last week.  Another buddy said they seem Dominican because of their "papi chulo swag."  They definitely weren't local; we know a good bluff we see one.  What kind of Cuban doesn't know purée de malanga?

Anyway, I bet they were surprised I would call them on their bluff by whipping out my iPhone for an impromptu interview.  My answer to them: "True love is in your heart or you can ask some of those fine ladies working 23rd street and Collins."

And remember: All a man needs is "love and steak, love that's FREE 99."


gopalo said...

"Huevin: una persona que nisiquiera cualifica para ser comemierda." Guillermo Alvares Guedes.

Anonymous said...

23rd and Collins is The Perry. A block over from the W. There aren't "fine ladies working" there.

Maria de los Angeles said...

The general neighborhood of Collins Park, anonymous, which is around 23rd street. Thanks for your meticulous fact checking though!

Tracy said...

LOL - I loved this interview. These guys are characters and you are beyond awesome. There's no way I would have been as quick thinking and yet as laid back as you were. Love it.