Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wait ... Doesn't Botox Come From Pond Scum?

botox and sex and the beach pond scum
Hey, if you won't put it on your face, you won't kiss it, either! xox Manola B.

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Joseph said...
Ha ha, I must be a lot worse writer than I thought. First, I intended not to post the sex ads, but to respond to the ones that were posted in jest to see what kind of responses I would get back. Never thought of posting one till you brought it up. Excellent!
Now one thing is for sure, I would not fit in currently in your home town, but I most definitely would adapt quickly. But Ketel One, oh, I just couldn't do it. Pains my heart to hear you say that!
Lastly, and jeez, didnt mean to take this much space, both being Scorpio, I defintely see the similarity in the writing. You are more refined and articulate in your writing, but this could be the start of a beautiful thing as they say in Hollywood! Ha ha
See you around the block my senior advisor.
6:43 AM