Monday, May 22, 2006

What's Better Than One Penis?

Get Dyck'd

A batch of seven, fondly awarded by Mighty Dyckerson, who apparently fondled his way to a box of Kleenex after noting "(1) Manola's ample bosom, and (2) the firm grip she has on that giant orange phallic symbol."

Ah, boob and squirt gets 'em all the time, doesn't it ladies?

squirting boob

But Mr. Dyckerson, after you've had a moment to wipe off your spontaneous expulsion, I hope you'll take the time to see the blog from the boobs!

Strange blogfellows: Mr. Dyckerson and Manola share the honor of being two of Dubious Wonder's future drinking companions. Mr. Dyckerson is also the ruler of his own empire, with affiliate lords and ladies sporting some very interesting domains!

Considering the cost of batteries, seven penises should be more than enough to get Manola through hurricane season. What great timing! Thanks, Mr. Dyckerson!


mkhall said...

Just remember: this week you can get those batteries without paying sales tax! Stock up now!

Trouble said...

What can i say? I keep interesting company. :)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

There's a hurricane in my pants, baby, and it's waiting for you!

Jonathan said...

There's a hurricane in my pants, baby...

Whoa! Time to cut back on the dietary fiber, Champ.