Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Clipped Wings

But mommy, if you're wings aren't clipped, then why can't you fly?

If you can't have Manola, would you enjoy a little Maria? Here goes: I am writing and drawing again but in a totally different vein, no pun intended. Let the words fall where they may. I'm not going to start a new blog just because my style, tone and content aren't always Manola. Honestly, does it really matter? Please indulge the growing pains. And above all, thank you for your faith and love. Drawing by yours truly. See more on Flickr.



Verticus Erectus said...

Who's the babe? Nice rack. What's with the stupid bird? Oh, yeah, nice technique too. You are a very talented girl. So why isn't a silly man in the picture? What is this picture trying to tell us? So many questions, so little time. Must go to next blog.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see/read you writing again - no matter which voice you use (hmm, passive voice doesnt seem very feasible when I stop to think on it).

Tom Falco said...

Beautiful drawing. Love your style.