Friday, August 31, 2007

The Dissolusionment of Love

Is it love that I'm feeling? Or incontinence? Every woman ought to know the difference!

Yes, that's a new word I coined: dissoluble + disillusioned = dissolusionment. I think I can retire now, thank you. What woman shall cast the first tampon? What woman cannot relate to this? Drawn at The Abbey, Miami Beach.

Disclaimer: this cartoon in no way whatsoever pays homage to Hugh Macleod. I've been drawing for donkey's ages, long before I met this man. I can't help it if he likes to draw on business cards and Lord knows I can't control myself if a legal pad, tablecloth, firm ass or other surface amenable to my scrawls just happens to leap at me when I have a pen in my hand.

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Verticus Erectus said...

Hell, Maria de Los Angeles, no wonder you're a little down. Drinking at the Abbey will do it to you. May I suggest you take yourself and your mixed-up vagina over to SoBe's latest hot spot. From what I hear, "The Room" will cure all your ills.

Dayngr said...

Oye monga! No drinking with a heart condition cono!

Educator said...

Hahaha..a burning tingle down below? Is it love or a UTI?


Yoli said...

Came across your blog late last night while battling insomnia. Now that I am a mother (late in life)I don't have the time and the luxury of sitting down and sketching. I love your sketches, and your humor is wicked. You have a great blog. You remind me a lot of my old self. I read your travel writing. You are a very talented writer. I have added you to my list of favorite blogs, that way I can sneak a little guilty pleasure into my life.