Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ford Fiesta: Calling All Miami Volunteers


habitat for humanity

As part of our fourth Ford Fiesta Miami mission, Brad and I will be spending the day helping Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami on a team build, Saturday, August 22. Ford Fiesta is sponsoring this project by offering a $500 gift to this non-profit organization.

Of course, we'll be offering our sweat equity and we're hoping you'll join us on site to help build a new home.

Brad and I will not be the only Ford Fiesta agents volunteering this month. All 100 agents across the country are involved in their own projects, so if you work with us, you'll also be part of a greater effort to make this nation a better place.

Locally, we'll be contributing toward the completion of a home and helping break the cycle of poverty. Greater Miami's branch is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and has built 700 homes to date. Numerous beautiful communities have sprung up in some of Miami-Dade's most run-down areas.

Of course, I'll have a full report about everything once the mission is completed.


Bloggers, twitter peeps and all ... not only can you make a difference by hammering a few nails, but also by spreading the word on your social networks. This is a great opportunity to stop bitching about Miami and get down to making change, literally!

There is room for 20 volunteers per construction site.

Register at the Volunteer Hub and type FFT in your join code. You'll also need to bring your own lunch and tools, since we can only sponsor those items for the first five volunteers, and those slots have already been filled up. Details on time, location and tools to be announced after you register.

Again, make sure you type FFT in your join code.

If you're unable to attend, please consider making a donation of furniture, reusable household and construction items to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. It's better than throwing valuable items into the landfill -- good for our neighbors and good for the earth.

A financial contribution is always welcome, of course. Habitat for Humanity relies on private donations for all its work. There is no government funding.

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